The way Bottas looks at Hamilton 😂


Cech thanks Chelsea and Arsenal fans as he makes ice hockey debut

Japan skipper Michael Leitch sends warning to world rugby's elite

Bale absolutely loves playing for Wales 😍

Brilliant this 👏

Steven Gerrard can still ball 👑 ⁣ ⁣

Anyone stand out here? 👀

This is a must-watch

MMA's loss is the WWE's gain 👏


Wijnaldum is Totaalvoetbal

Enshrined in history 💪

Some stellar names here 👌

Ronaldo joins an exclusive club

Some performance from England 🦁

No2 might wanna think about switching sports...

If your fantasy team played against Diggs this weekend... unlucky 😅

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They got next. 👑⚡️ 🎨: @carterhookdesigns

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This should make you all feel old 🤣

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The definition of 'smooth' 🎒😎 @akkamist

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How many takes though? 🤔

Just what he needed 💪

Watch on repeat 😍